UA-63899747-1 Day 6- Last Day of Clinicals – Nzinga Harrison, MD
Liberia Day 5- First Day of Clinicals
July 12, 2013
Liberia Day 8– Inservice and an Adventure
July 16, 2013

Friday was the second and last day of clinics.  The day started on a very somber note as we past a spot of bloody dirt in the street where a motorcycle crash had happened just about an hour before.  It seemed people were still gathered around in mourning.  Ironically, shortly after, we drove past a group of motorcycle drivers who all had black and yellow bandanas -- we later found out they were at a graduation ceremony for having completed a driving safety course.   Nonetheless, we made it to the first clinical site which was JFK.  Again, the students were nothing less than impressive with their assessment, intervention and advocacy skills.  We were very proud.  We went from there to Catholic Hospital, a private hospital.  We learned that, in Liberia, you have to pay your bill before you can leave hospital grounds.  So, even though you get discharged from the hospital, if you don't pay your bill, they introduce you to security, and security will not let you leave -- no matter how long it takes.  Frequently, family members refuse to come to the hospital, because they will also be detained.  The hospitals are surrounded by tall walls with trees, and security mans all gates 24 hours per day.  This is not just for the private hospital, but for the public hospital as well.  Catholic hospital had a very nice teaching room where the walls were decorated with education for new and expectant mothers.  You can see them in the photos.  Following the second group of students, we ate at the restaurant on the hospital property.  I ordered grilled fish which was DELICIOUS.  But, I already told you that the portions in Liberia are crazy big.  So, I was rubbing my belly with contentment, when the owner of the restaurant said, "Oh no!  You better eat ALL of that fish.  Do you know how long it took me to cook it?!"   I was like "I know it took a long time, but my belly is small and I am so full!"  to which she said "I don't care about your belly!  You will eat it all!"  to which I said "I can't eat it!"  so she said "OK, you can carry it with you."  So I was like "But I'm in a hotel room, I have no way to heat it up."  to which she replied "It's fish, you don't have to heat it up."  At which point I gave up, and took the fish home in a carry out lol.   Turns out, she was right.  Dinner was very late, and I had an afternoon snack of cold fish which was...well...DELICIOUS!

We left Catholic hospital, and went to SOS which is a private outpatient clinic.  From there, our driver, Sandor, took us on a shopping adventure.  We actually had to cross the street to get to one shop --I am proudly reporting that I made it alive in both directions!  When we came from the second shop, the police officer was writing a ticket,  but Sandor talked his way out of it, by saying he was our driver.  Turns out, if you park on the street for an hour, you have to pay 30 Liberian Dollars.  Mind you, we had been parked for 15 minutes... anyhoo, we made it home for an early afternoon which was nice.  For dinner, we went to a restaurant that is literally on the beach -- check out the dark picture. If you look closely, you can see that our table is about 15 feet from the waterline.  It was beautiful.  And that was it for Day 6.   Pictures, of course, have been uploaded

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