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May 28, 2015

Emotional Eating: A Biological Lover’s Triangle

Emotional eating affects millions of Americans.   And while most who deal with overeating have repeatedly attempted to banish the behavior from their lives forever, many have […]
May 27, 2015

The Psychopathic Brain: Family of Four Slain in Washington DC

Approximately two weeks ago, three members of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were brutally murdered at their Washington D.C. mansion.  As described in the news, the […]
May 13, 2015

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

  There's no secret...well maybe it is, that exercise releases natural chemical endorphins in our bodies that make us happier and calmer. It's one of the […]
May 11, 2015

Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform

Hey everybody. I am super proud and excited to have been invited by my friend and colleague Edjah Nduom to be a co-founder of an organization […]
April 26, 2015

I am neither a hooker nor a lawyer…

...I am a physician, a shubhankar. By now, you are wondering what in the world I am talking about (to put it politely). I just read […]
April 11, 2015

ADHD: A fictional disease?

An article is making its way around Facebook newsfeeds that reports Leon Eisenberg, "the scientific father of ADHD" made the startling deathbed confession that "“ADHD is […]
March 28, 2015

Peri-Partum Depression: Under-recognized and Under-treated

You may have looked at the title of this blog and thought to yourself, what in the world is peri-partum depression?!  Educational campaigns directed at both […]
March 10, 2015

Ask Brainiac, M.D. – Will Winter Ever End?!

QUESTION: I swear that every single winter, it’s like I put on a heavy, burdensome coat and slug through, barely making it. When spring comes, I […]
March 2, 2015

Let’s Get Mentally Fit! FREE First Friday Webinars: Seasonal Affective Disorder

  FIRST FRIDAY WEBINARS The 45-minute webinars will be held once per month and will feature both an educational and discussion component infused with a practical tip […]