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Forbes has a great article on their website entitled “To Build a Great Company, Find Great Mentors.” I couldn’t agree with this more.

I am humbled by the amount of success Nzinga A. Harrison MD, LLC (NAHMDLLC) has enjoyed over the last ten years and absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that much of that success is the direct result of mentors who supported the concept of the company from the very beginning, as it grew and still today as it continues to thrive.

Expanding on the above quote, great mentoring is not just part of the foundation for building a great company, but also for navigating individual careers as well. As successful as NAHMDLLC has been, the growth of the company has been inextricably linked to my growth as an individual physician providing direct care, graduating to healthcare administration and now serving as the Chief Medical Officer Anka Behavioral Health, Inc., a non-profit behavioral health system that runs nearly 70 programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental health, addictive disorders.

Mentoring has always been a passion of mine so I am excited to be able to add it as a component of NAHMDLLC. If you’re looking for an experience that is easy and intuitive, neither starting a consulting business nor defining and attaining an individual career that fits you perfectly is the answer! Luckily though, by connecting yourself to people who have been successful doing what they want to do -- you will increase your chances at being successful at what you want to do. So here is your chance to pick my brain, learn from my experiences and benefit from my connections (when appropriate) while learning how to identify and nurture those connections that will be most helpful for you and your business.

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