UA-63899747-1 Off to Liberia! – Nzinga Harrison, MD
Why are Drugs So Hard to Quit?
June 19, 2013
July 8, 2013

I am off today to Liberia for 10 days to teach Substance Abuse Identification and Treatment to Nurses as part of the Carter Center’s Liberia Initiative to build a mental health trained medical workforce.

Just as a little background, this trip is a super exciting opportunity for me. A colleague and I developed an entire course book (268 pages) as well I wrote alcohol/benzo and inpatient/outpatient detox protocols for them based on the Liberian government’s formulary for nurses to begin using in their clinics and hospitals. We will teach 63 nurses while we are there for a combined 56 hours.

While I am gone, I will have access to Wi-Fi and will keeping a blog journal complete with pictures.

Stay tuned!

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