UA-63899747-1 What are your thoughts on suboxone treatment for a 20 something functional addict (lortab/percocet/cannabis)? – Nzinga Harrison, MD
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July 16, 2011
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July 24, 2011

Suboxone can definitely be successful in the young population who wants to get sober from opiates--including those you've mentioned in your question, as well as Heroin.  Although Suboxone does have some addictive risk, it is the same story as methadone...there are some doctors and some clinics that know people are abusing drugs and still will prescribe suboxone.  That, of course, is inappropriate.   On the other hand, there are reputable physician and reputable clinics that make sure the urine drug screens are negative and that the person is participating in an office-based psychotherapy program as well, which then makes suboxone (or methadone) an excellent option.  For the working person, suboxone can be a better alternative to Methadone because they don't have to go to the clinic everyday.

Sebastian Enfield is a young man who was addicted to opioids and underwent treatment with Suboxone.  He wrote this book, Suboxone: 16 Practical Tips for Successful Buprenorphine Treatment, which details his personal experience.  While everyone's experience will not be the same, and while you may not hold all of the same opinions he does, it is a great insider's look and he has shared freely how it was for him.  It may help.

For physicians who have a patient they think might benefit from suboxone treatment, I recommend establishing a referring relationship with a reputable physician board certified in either Addiction Psychiatry or Addiction Medicine.   You can use the SAMHSA Treatment Locator to find one:

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