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June 22, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Alton and Philando

In the last three days, we watched police shoot Alton Sterling at point blank range while they had him pinned to the ground.  We saw Philando Castile die in front seat of his car, shot four times by a policeman while  his fiancée and four-year old child watched.  We saw footage of chaos as snipers picked off policeman at a peaceful rally -- 5 dead and 6 more wounded.

Yesterday, my best friend posted the following meme on Facebook.


I immediately clicked liked, and then noticed she had posted it on her professional page, ButterandBeats, rather than her personal page.  I thought to myself, "that was clearly a mistake."  After all, we are both very diligent about our brand management.  I sent her a text message -- "Did you mean to put that on your personal page?"  She responded quickly and decisively -- "No, I decided my brand needed to speak out."

Now, any of you who knows me, or who has followed me on blogs, know that I am constantly learning from the amazing group of people I am blessed to call friends and family.  In that moment, her text message woke me up.  Just last week, I was writing part two of a webinar series I had planned to give in July on Launching a Successful Consulting Business (notice the past tense as this is likely getting pushed to the back burner).  I was really pleased with the way it came out.  I emphasized the importance of the business mission, vision and values being absolutely in line with your personal mission, vision and values.    Otherwise, I wrote, you will be putting yourself in a position of conflict, and this will keep you from flourishing in your personal life, even as your business grows.

I am putting my money where my mouth is.  I am walking the walk.  Nzinga A. Harrison MD, LLC the brand must mirror me, Nzinga A. Harrison MD the person.  Today, NAHMDLLC is speaking out against police brutality.  NAHMDLLC is speaking out against the systematic killing of black men.  NAHMDLLC is speaking out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement because BLACK LIVES MATTERNAHMDLLC the brand is a mirror of me, Nzinga A. Harrison MD the person.

The steps I have taken:

  1. On my personal FB page, I have been marking all my statuses public.  I will copy and paste these into blogs over the next few days and they will become the voice of NAHMDLLC the brand, rather than just my voice.
  2. I am writing this blog as NAHMDLLC the brand's statement on systemic killing of black people by police.
  3. I have changed the cover photo of NAHMDLLC to Black Lives Matter because NAHMDLLC the brand believes BLACK LIVES MATTER.
  4. I will likely be postponing Part 1 of the upcoming webinar series because NAHMDLLC the brand will be throwing its energy into advocacy for the immediate cessation of systemic killing of black people by police.
  5. NAHMDLLC the brand will be actively supporting the efforts of Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform, Inc. as it addresses this issue.

Speaking out is part of the solution.  Staying silent is to be part of the problem.   I will not be part of the problem, and nor will my brand.


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