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January 11, 2014
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January 12, 2014

This is an interim post because there were some events last night after I posted that I feel are worth reporting. Namely, I became intimately acquainted with a huge roach who I will, from now on, refer to as Cletus.

So, I was in the a/c oasis, grading post-tests from the 45 students I taught yesterday when I saw Cletus casually walking towards the closet. I thought to myself, damn that's a big roach! So big, I even tried to take a picture of him. But, as big as he was -- he was nimble, and ducked into the closet before the ipad shutter could click. I never gave Cletus another thought, and turned back to analyzing the scores on the test. What I would estimate is about 30 minutes passed when suddenly, I felt something crawling on my upper thigh. Now, to put this in perspective -- I was wearing a tank top and pajama shorts... not pajama capri pants. Pajama SHORTS. So, when I say I felt something crawling on my upper thigh, I mean, the BARE SKIN of my upper inner left thigh. I looked down as I swiped and dammit if it wasn't Cletus! Apparently, he had been chilling in the twin bed with me for who knows how long. All 3 inches of his huge roach body flew in the air (along with the pillow and my laptop which were in my lap) as I jumped up and ran. From outside the room, I heard the laptop crash to the floor -- I swear that's how fast I was out of there -- before the laptop even hit the floor! I took a few minutes to compose myself, and then gingerly went in to retrieve my laptop and ipad. After all, I didn't see where Cletus went and I was not trying to have another run in.

I had planned to sleep in the a/c oasis, considering this will be my last night with 24 hour electricity, but Cletus changed all that. I retired to the unconditioned master room with my trusty fan. The temp was only 79, so it was comfortable. Nonetheless, I was plagued with irrational thoughts of Cletus coming to find me and exact revenge for throwing his little (well, big) body who knows where. Luckily, it didn't happen and eventually I fell asleep for 11 straight hours of dreamless sleep. I guess the time change caught up with me.

You'll be relieved to know that no computers were harmed during this very dramatic event that will henceforth now and forever be called Roachgate.

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