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Liberia Day 8– Inservice and an Adventure
July 16, 2013
Liberia Day 10- ROB – ACC – JFK – ATL
July 17, 2013

So, I'm up Sunday morning, in an exhausted stupor.  I go down to breakfast and tell Endsley the story -- she is of course CRACKING up laughing.  She had like, the best night of sleep ever...which in my mind solidified that I was in some sort of fugue state the night before.  Indeed, no one had pulled off a cohort operation to steal the package and kidnap the boss.  We went back to our rooms to pack, and agreed to meet for a little beach time, shopping and lunch before we headed out to the airport at 2:00pm.

So, before I start packing, I decide I need to turn on my iPhone (had been packed in the safe all week with no international signal), and charge it to make sure I had some juice when I land in Atlanta 24 hours later.  So, I go to plug the phone in and the charger is charred -- no longer Apple white, but burned up black.  I look further, and the whole surge protector is burned.  In fact, a hole is burned in the surge protector, and the wall that the surge protector was up against was burned also.  I know, crazy, right?!!  I actually have to insert a few pictures here, to give you an idea of what I am talking about:

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So, turns out, I wasn't psychotic after all.  The loud sound that woke me up was an electrical surge, the flash of light I saw was an electrical FIRE (yes, in my room) and the smoke I smelled was the burning surge protector.  The second pop I heard was another surge.  So...I lived to tell the story, but that's probably why you should remind yourself that it's unlikely the KGB is stealing the package and kidnapping the boss and it really does make sense to go to the front desk of the hotel and say I heard a loud noise and smell smoke in my room -- even if it sounds dumb and even if you were told not to wander around after dark for safety reasons.  Can you believe that?!

We spent a little time on the beach, did a little more shopping -- hilariously, one of the vendors made a video clip for my father saying "You are good for my business!  Thank you to your daughter!" because of the gifts I bought for my Dad lol!  Well, our driver picked us up to take us to the airport.  And off we went for an adventure ride to the airport.  I'll spare the details, but let's leave it to say, our driver was quite aggressive with passing and lane changes... and so started our journey from ROB (Liberia) to ACC (Ghana) to JFK (New York) to home.

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