UA-63899747-1 Vote to Fund EEG Machines for Liberia – Nzinga Harrison, MD
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August 7, 2013
Vote to fund Psycoradio in Liberia!
September 19, 2013

Hi everyone!  As you know, I recently took a trip to Liberia and became a part of an initiative designed to increase availability and quality of mental healthcare in that country.  Dr. Janice Cooper of The Carter Center, a native Liberian, is working tirelessly at this effort.  Please take a sec to click this link and learn more about a project designed to bring EEG machines to Liberia.  Right now, an estimated 1 in 2 Liberians are diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their lives, but there are no EEG machines available to confirm the diagnosis.  By voting for this project, you could help them secure that funding.  Take a look!



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